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Pandeiro 10'' Freijo - hide head - Georg Pandeiros

Pandeiro 10'' Freijo - hide head - Georg Pandeiros

Georg Pandeiros
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available again from 26 April 2024

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Handmade high-end pandeiro in Freijo wood, artisan luthier work from Minas Gerais - selected... more

Pandeiro 10'' Freijo - hide head - Georg Pandeiros

item number: A603104
diameter: 10''
head: goatskin head, selected hide head
making: handmade
jingles: brass, hammered
rim: flatrim
amount jingles: 5 sets
frame: wood
weight (net): 0,36 kg

Handmade high-end pandeiro in Freijo wood, artisan luthier work from Minas Gerais - selected goatskins with handmade hardware elements

Another favourite item on our pandeiro shelf - an affordable artisan pandeiro with fabulous sound characteristics as well as visual features.
Beautiful wood work: directly from luthier Georg Joos' workshop in São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras in Minas Gerais, where the German carpenter and accomplished pandeiro maker lives and builds these top quality pandeiros with great and versatile sound.

We are thrilled about the combination of European quality workmanship and Brazilian understanding of instrument making and the authentic sound characteristics that a good pandeiro must have. All skins are hand-picked and of medium thickness, enabling them to produce plenty of vibration without too much muffling effect and hence creating saturated bass lines as well as a variety of sound characteristics that can be found across the Brazilian music genre. The pandeiro is a visually stunning instrument with a multi-layered frame of walnut-coloured Freijo wood and light Pinheiro wood. The jingles are hand-hammered high-quality brass plates, each with a centre plate, also brass. The flatrim is made of stainless steel and fits perfectly around the individually-chosen and fitted skin. At only 360 g, this model is one of our ultra-light weights with exceptional sound characteristics for all Brazilian styles.

  • triple-layered wood frame
  • with tuning key
  • with allen key to remove the jingles
  • pre-masked, hand-selected hide
  • High-quality pandeiro with medium-thick skin for bassy sounds, versatile use and unbeatable price-performance ratio

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Customer reviews for "Pandeiro 10'' Freijo - hide head"

17 Mar 2024
Sehr schönes superleichtes Pandeiro.

Sehr schönes superleichtes Pandeiro. Ausgewogener Klang, bereitet mir viel Freude und lässt sich auch für Anfänger, wie mich, etwas länger spielen, da es so schön leicht ist. Es hat sich gelohnt etwas mehr auszugeben. Dafür habe ich ein Pandeiro erhalten, das ich auch als hoffentlich bald Fortgeschrittener noch lange gerne spielen werde.

17 Sep 2022
Très très bon pandeiro le

Très très bon pandeiro le mien pèse 316 grammes le son est très bon des bonnes basses et des harmoniques extra. Les cymbalettes sont top. Bref un très bon instrument !

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