Our Story

Who is Pandeiro.com?

Pandeiro.com was launched in 2004 by Scott Feiner. In 1999, during his first trip to Brazil from his native New York City, Feiner discovered the pandeiro – the instrument that would become his passion. He had seen a kid playing a pandeiro on the streets of Olinda, and was instantly fascinated by the instrument. In 2001 he moved to Rio de Janeiro to be closer to the pandeiro, and Brazilian music in general, and stayed for for 13 years. As he evolved as a player he become a respected pandeirista, playing with some of Rio's finest musicians and eventually became known worldwide for his Pandeiro Jazz project. He founded Pandeiro.com as a way to share his passion for the pandeiro around the world.

Since 2016, Pandeiro.com has been managed by Kalango.com. Kalango is a family-run online shop for Brazilian percussion and string instruments, founded in 2002 by Thomas Mueller-Stoy and Klaus Urban, both active musicians in the European Samba scene and very passionate about Brazilian music styles and musical cultures. We have worked with Scott for many years already, sharing our enthusiasm about hand-made pandeiros and exchanging musical experiences. Kalango produced the Marcos Suzano DVD Pandeiro Brasileiro, which has been available on both websites for many years.

Since its inception, Kalango has offered a unique variety of instruments, many of which are artisan-made in small workshops by musicians or craftsmen mainly from Brazil. Decades of musical experience as musicians and a profound knowledge of percussion instruments are the lifeblood of the company. Countless journeys to Brazil have enabled Kalango to set up a network of contacts that allow us to offer such a comprehensive choice of instruments and accessories.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to help spread the word about this great instrument. We are happy to share this passion for handcrafted, top-class instruments, and continue Scott’s work of so many years, which has resulted in a beautiful community of pandeiristas all over the world.