Who is Pandeiro.com?

Pandeiro.com was launched in 2004 by Scott Feiner. During numerous and long-term visits to Rio he discovered his passion for this instrument. He set up Pandeiro.com and dedicated a lot of time into spreading his enthusiasm for hand-crafted high end instruments. He has built up a beautiful musical community of pandeiristas all over the world since early internet times. Since 2016, Pandeiro.com is part of Kalango.com, since Scott has no longer time to give his site the attention it needs. Kalango is a family-run online shop for Brazilian percussion- and string instruments founded in 2002 by Thomas Mueller-Stoy and Klaus Urban, both active musicians in the European Samba scene and very passionate about Brazilian music styles and musical cultures.


How does Pandeiro.com purchase its products?

We buy our products directly from the luthiers and import them. From our stock we send the instruments and accessories to pandeiristas from all over the world. We are in regular contact with all manufacturers which enables us to get actively involved in product improvement and developement.


What warranties are given by Kalango?

We give a 24-months-warranty on all instruments. In case of faulty material we reserve the right to replace the damage by either exchanging the instrument or substituting the defective part. Generally excluded from this rule are any damages caused by inappropriate use, as well as articles subject to normal wear-and-tear, e.g. drumheads. CDs, sheet music, books and DVDs are also excluded from this warranty. Here you can find further information in our section about Right of withdrawal and return for customers.


Are all products new goods?

All Kalango instruments and accessories are new goods. Usually manufacturers and wholesalers deliver the instruments to us in their original packaging. An exception to this can be instruments which are artisan work and hand-crafted in small workshops which we then carefully package for transport ourselves. Articles with minor and mainly optical defects or slight traces of use which don´t impair the use of the instrument in any way are clearly marked as B-stock and are sold exclusively as such. These instruments are not included in the regular online catalogue.


What are B-stock articles?

B-Stock articles are products that were either presentation samples at exhibitions, returns with slight traces of use or products with minor transport defects caused while being shipped from Brazil. The deficiencies of the instruments are absolutely minor and mainly optical meaning they have no influence in their sound quality. B-Stock goods are always new goods, but may have a small scratch or dent, a mark in the colouring or slight traces of use. Sometimes there is no original packaging for those products any more, then we ourselves take care of appropiate transport wrapping. Of course our B-Stock products all have full warranty and include the Right of withdrawal and return!


What do I do if I don’t like the product I ordered?

You can find information in our section about Right of withdrawal and return.


Who pays for return shipping if I want to send soething back?

Please check out details and information in our section about Right of withdrawal and return.


I have a complaint. Whom can I contact?

Please contact us by phone +49 8572 963571 or e-mail us to info(at)kalango.com and we will offer you competent assistance and do our best to find a good solution.


Whom do I contact with positive feedback, criticism or suggestions?

We always enjoy having personal contact with our customers. Of course, we are particularly pleased to get positive feedback :-) But any kind of feedback, requests, or suggestions are important to help improving our work and therefore are just as welcome! The best way to reach us is by e-mail: info (at) kalango.com.


How safe is it to pay with by credit card?

For detailed information, please see our Privacy Policy here.


I am having difficulties ordering online, is there any support?

We are always happy to help! You can reach us on our land line phone +49-8572 963571 or via e-mail and talk to a competent contact person. In the following section you also find support for your online purchase.


How do I order something through the webshop?

There are two options for you: You can register and create your own customer account, which has the advantage that you can trace the status of your order, you don´t have to type in your address and bank details each time you order with us and also you can review the products you have ordered the last time (hmm those sticks I bought the last time...). In your account you can also adjust your method of payment and everything concerning your personal information.

If you prefer not to register, you can shop on the site as an unregistered guest client. In either way you can browse through our website and put articles in your shopping cart without any obligation. Any products placed in the basket can be removed or the quantity can be changed. Also you can check the shipping costs with the shipping calculator by viewing your cart and selecting your country. When your shopping cart is complete, procede to the check-out. View your cart, complete the registration, choose how you´d like to pay and double check if everything is ok. By clicking the button [Complete payment] your order becomes binding. For more information about concluding the contract, please see our Terms and conditions


Do I receive an order confirmation?

When ordering via internet you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation for your order. This e-mail will contain relevant information concerning the articles on your order, including method of payment, invoice address and delivery address.


Does my data get stored?

For more information, see our Privacy Policy here.


How long will the delivery of my internet order take?

All instruments and accessories on our website marked with "delivery time 2-5 days" (for EU countries) are in stock in our warehouse. Shipments leave our warehouse each workday at 2:00 PM. Orders received until noon are shipped on the same day. Please have in mind that if you chose prepayment as your payment method, delivery time depends on when the bank confirms us that your payment has been booked, which usually takes a couple of days. In Germany delivery time is 1-2 working days. As a foreign client on the European mainland delivery time is 2-5 business days. If you live outside the EU, there might be customs procedures in your country which might influence delivery. We can't influence custom procedures, so please expect that it might take some extra time for your delivery to arrive.

In case the ordered quantity of an item is not in stock, we will notify you as soon as possible.

We ship our goods with DHL, in some special cases with DPD. We take care of sufficient packaging. The shipments are insured against loss and damage, please see section about transport damages for more details.


Has my order already been shipped? When will my order be shipped? How does the tracking work?

We ship on every German workday (Mo-Fri) at 2 PM. Orders that reach us by noon can be sent the same day. Please have in mind that if you chose prepayment as your payment method, delivery time depends on when the bank confims us that your payment has been booked, which usually takes a couple of days. So if you need your order urgently, pick PayPal or creditcard as method of payment. Normally we ship with DHL. The shipping takes 2-5 business days for orders within the European continent, to third countries (non-EU countries) it might take longer due to customs procedures which we cannot influence. When your order is picked up from our warehouse, you will receive an email with a link and your tracking number with which you can check the status of your order online. If you haven´t received the e-mail with your tracking information, please check your spam. If your order has been shipped in more than one package, you will receive seperate tracking numbers - one for each box.


What happens, if my delivery has arrived with damage resulting from transport?

The shipments are insured against loss and damage. We consider it very important to provide good packaging for our instruments. Still it may happen that a delivery suffers a damage from transport. If a box is delivered with an obvious damage, make a photo of it, unpack it in front of the postman and check, if everything is ok. If not, refuse to accept the delivery. The insurance cover terminates in the moment you accept the delivery and later complaints shall not be recognized.


What methods of payment are available?

All our clients can use PayPal or credit card (Visa/Master) as method of payment. Additionally there are further country-specific options. In your shopping basket or when proceeding to the shop check-out you can view all methods of payment possible for your country and choose the one that suits you best.


I am not home during the day, can I have my order delivered to a different address than my home address?

Of course – when placing your order, you are guided through the order form on our site. When registering, you will be asked if you want to enter a differing shipping address, e.g. your work address. As a registered client you can save your addresses so you don´t have to type them in again the next time you order something.


How do I get more information on a product?

All of the instruments and accessories offered in our shop have one or more product photos, a detailed description and a technical information board. Also most of our products have sound and / or video files so you can hear and see the instrument in action. Click on the instrument you are interested in and scroll down a bit. Many of the products have photos from different angles so you get a good view of it. By clicking on the photos, you can enlarge them. There´s also information about the brand, the manufacturer or artist who builds the product so you know where the instrument comes from and who made it. The feature we think is really handy is the soundfiles and video samples. With them you can get a very real impression of the actual sound and also get a live-view of the instrument being played. If you need more specific information or you have questions about a product, you are of course always welcome to contact us via e-mail or telephone.


Is there a full Pandeiro.com catalogue available?

Our website is our complete catalogue. One of the big advantages of the digital catalogue is that we can always keep it absolutely up-to-date. All the products you see on our site are available in stock. If a product is not in stock, it is removed from the site, if it is temporarily unavailable, there is a note to this effect or if it is ordered, we will add the date of availability for you. Our site enables us to immediately present newly arrived instruments or our latest special offers. A printed catalogue can't be kept up-to-date in that efficient manner.


Is there a Pandeiro.com retail store I can visit?

We want to concentrate on giving great service on our online-shop. The Samba scene is spread all over Europe, so running a retail shop is not our concept. But with our booth we go to many Samba and music festivals and music exhibitions, check our Blog and facebook site for details where and when we are around - drop past and meet us personally!


I need an individual offer for a school, an association or an organisation, what do I do?

For a personalised offer, please contact us via e-mail. Let us know exactly, what instruments in which sizes, colours, etc you want. We also need your personal information so that we can put the correct tax and calculate the shipping costs: name of the company/institution/band, your name, streetname and zip code, city and country, e-mail address, telephone number and contact person. If you prefer talking to someone in person, please drop us a message and we will call you back!


Short checklist for our international clients

Please check if your name, streetname and -number, zip code and c/o details are correct before sending your order.

Is the address complete (will the postman find you?)

Is your delivery address suitable for receiving a box (maybe you prefer a differing shipping address like your work address? Will the ordered instrument really fit in a PO box..?)

Have you chosen the right form of payment? etc.

If you do notice you forgot some detail, please contact us immediately. Once the package is on its way, we can't arrange changes.

When receiving your order, it is important that you check if there are any damages resulting from the transport, please see section for damage resulting from transport for details.


Tips for super-urgent orders

Of course we always give everything so that your order is shipped to you as quickly as possible. If you have an especially urgent order for a concert or a festival, make sure to pick the right method of payment. The quickest way (by the way also for orders at busy x-mas time) is to order via the website and pay with PayPal or credit card.

Our storekeeper will then give everything and pack up your order at lightening speed. Pay via bank transfer always means a couple of days delay until the money is booked, so this is not a good idea if you are in a hurry with your order. Please note that orders to non-EU countries have to pass customs which we don’t have any influence in!

If you can´t wait at all - your pal´s birthday tonight and still no present... - get a KALANGO gift voucher and again pick either PayPal or credit card as payment method. You will then immediately receive your gift voucher via e-mail ready to print out!


More questions? Contact us - we’re happy to help!