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On the authenticity of our product ratings

Measures to verify product reviews

We (KALANGO) have taken various measures to ensure that the reviews we publish only come from customers who have actually purchased and received the goods (i.e. they are "verified reviews").

How does KALANGO ensure that these are genuine product reviews?

Technical measures:

We use various technical measures to ensure that email invitations to submit product reviews are only sent to those email addresses that were used to make a purchase.

Customers who buy products from us receive a review invitation from us via an internal shop extension after completing their order.
Via the link in the e-mail, all items from the completed purchase can be reviewed. The e-mail is always sent to the e-mail address that was used to make the purchase. The review takes place on a page that can only be accessed via the link in the above-mentioned e-mail.
It is technically ensured that this page cannot be called up again after the product reviews have been submitted.

At the same time, further reference details of the order are collected in all cases in order to ensure a secure connection between the individual product ratings and the actual purchase.

Manually performed measures:

Further manual measures are taken to ensure that only those customers who have actually purchased a product can submit product reviews.

To ensure that the authenticity of the product review and its legitimacy can be verified, the reviews cannot be submitted anonymously. The e-mail address used for the purchase always serves as a verifiable reference for the product rating.

In the case of irregularities or indications that suggest that the product rating is not based on experience, despite the above-mentioned technical measures, proof of the legitimacy of the submitted product review will be requested and checked accordingly. If the requested evidence does not prove the purchase of the goods, the product reviews will be deleted.