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Linha Estudo Multi Practise Pad 12'' - Contemporânea

Linha Estudo Multi Practise Pad 12'' - Contemporânea

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Multi Pad for Samba drums - silent practice pad with metal rimshot simulator. Practise... more

Linha Estudo Multi Practise Pad 12'' - Contemporânea

item number: A341310
practise gear for: caixa, repinique, surdo, timbal
weight (net): 0,9 kg

Multi Pad for Samba drums - silent practice pad with metal rimshot simulator. Practise repinique and caixa at home, use as caixa emcima, surdo, rebolo, repique de mão or even for timbal and pandeiro.

Practising repinique at home with proper rimshots without driving the neighbours crazy - yes, awesome! Contemporânea has developed a silent practice pad especially for sambistas that has basically unbeatable versatility. A coated wooden frame that creates ideal rebound conditions and at the same time covers a wide range of Samba instruments. A piece of metal rim simulates rimshots. Marked sound zones remind you of hitting the correct zone on your drum. Cut-outs in the frame fit the pad perfectly in your lap over your legs and provide additional stability. You can also just pop the pad on top of the actual instrument. Or hold it in the crook of your arm like a caixa emcima or in your hand like a pandeiro. An accessory for playing at home, but also for warming up before gigs or for when you're on holiday to stay in shape.

All features at a glance:

  • Practice pad for caixa, caixa emcima, repinique, surdo and for instruments played entirely without sticks and mallets, such as timbal, repique de mão, pandeiro or rebolo.
  • Chrome-plated metal rim section for repinique and caixa rimshots
  • Sound zone markings to make sure you hit the right spot when practising: bass, medium and high
  • 2 cut-outs for your legs on the bottom of the frame make it more comfortable and stable to place the pad on your lap when rehearsing. You can use the pad on your lap or on a chair, or directly on the instrument.
  • The cut-outs also function as handle if you want to use the pad as a practice pandeiro.
  • Lightweight at only approx. 900g
  • Compact dimensions: 12'' diameter; 6.5 cm frame width
  • Finish in matt black

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27 Sep 2021


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