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Dear friends,
We very much hope that you are all in good health and that you are able to make the best of the current situation. We know you are receiving a lot of emails like this at the moment, however, we feel it is important to be in touch and want to give you a short update from our side.

Our online shop will remain open! If you have any questions you can reach us at

We are all healthy at the moment, taking care of ourselves and trying to get through this difficult time. We have cancelled all upcoming festival dates except for the Samba Festival in Coburg (there is no statement from the organizers here yet) and all but one colleague who manages our warehouse are working from home.
Your orders will continue to be packed and shipped daily and under special precautions.


Without the small brands life would be pretty boring - we need your support!

Coping with the effects of the Coronavirus is probably one of the biggest challenges in our company history. Mainly because like many other small, independent music stores, online shops and self-employed people, we don't have great reserves for such exceptional situations. Missing sales, interrupted supply chains or sickness related absences in the team can quickly lead to existential problems.

Take the opportunity to slow down and get in touch with your music, your playing techniques, take online courses, play indoor instruments (pandeirocavaquinhoguitarpractice-instruments...), sing from songbookseducate yourself, read books on the subject, exchange ideas, get your instruments in shape- and let us know how we can help you.

With kindness and by helping eachother, in particular the elderly and weaker ones, we can make it through these times. And, if possible, spend your money at small specialised shops or the small shops in your neighbourhood instead of feeding the big online giants and supermarkets. Without the small brands it will get really-really boring very quickly.

So much from our side. Now it's up to you.
Please take care of yourselves! Please inform yourself!

But above all: #staythefuckhome

Your Team

Foto: Clara Angeleas | CC 2.0 - Edited |

Current status & shipping infos:
Our webshop continues to operate as normal, however, please expect longer delivery times due to high shipping volume and there may be delivery delays for certain areas.


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