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Waldir Azevedo Songbook 1 - ChoroMusic

Waldir Azevedo Songbook 1 ChoroMusic A871821
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Waldir Azevedo Songbook 1 - ChoroMusic

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Waldir Azevedo Songbook 1 Beautiful collection of well-known choro pieces Part 1 for... more

Waldir Azevedo Songbook 1 - ChoroMusic

item number: A871821
available as: book & CD
content: Choro
for instruments: ensemble, percussion misc., string instruments
weight (net): 0,58 kg

Waldir Azevedo Songbook 1

Beautiful collection of well-known choro pieces Part 1 for playalong, to learn, to solo or simply to listen to.

1. Amigos do Samba 
Getulio Ribeiro (cavaquinho)

2. Carioquinha 
Filipe Dourado (cavaquinho)

3. Cavaquinho Seresteiro 
Daniel Dalarossa (flute) and Filipe Dourado (cavaquinho)

4. Chiquita 
Filipe Dourado (cavaquinho)

5. Chorinho Antigo 
Daniel Dalarossa (flute)

6. Frevo da Lira 
Daniel Dalarossa (flute)

7. Lamento de um Cavaquinho 
Getulio Ribeiro (cavaquinho)

8. Minhas Mãos, Meu Cavaquinho 
Arnaldinho do Cavaco (cavaquinho)

9. Paulistinha 
Filipe Dourado (cavaquinho)

10. Pedacinhos do Céu 
Getulio Ribeiro (cavaquinho)

11. Quitandinha 
Daniel Dalarossa (flute)

12. Vê Se Gostas 
Filipe Dourado (cavaquinho)

About this album
With the series ''Classics of the Brazilian Choro - You are the Soloist'' you can discover beautiful Choro pieces, replay compositions or use the ensemble as playalong.

Each volume in the series introduces a famous Choro composer, including a collection of his most famous compositions on a digitally mastered audio CD and a high-quality music booklet with the corresponding C, Bb and Eb scores, as well as interviews, biography and relevance of the author to the history of the choro.

Listen to the complete stereo tracks (with soloists) on the CD for reference. Tune your instrument (flute, saxophone, clarinet or mandolin, 7-string guitar) with the help of the voice tones. Loads of fun for soloists with the accompanying music of a leading choro ensemble from Brazil.

12 pieces
1 CD with 12 songs with soloists, 1 track for tuning and 13 playback tracks
Keys: C, B♭, E♭ 
Level: medium difficulty
Pages: 104

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