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Marcos Suzano - Baiao, Frevo, Maracatu deutsche Untertitel - KALANGO

Marcos Suzano - Baiao, Frevo, Maracatu KALANGO A5273DE

Marcos Suzano - Baiao, Frevo, Maracatu deutsche Untertitel - KALANGO

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Pandeiro lessons with Marcos Suzano: Baião, Frevo, Maracatu, electric pandeiro - Download... more

Marcos Suzano - Baiao, Frevo, Maracatu deutsche Untertitel - KALANGO

item number: A5273DE
duration: 01:00:21
file size: 450 MB
width: 720px
height: 480px
video format: MP4
download file format: ZIP
video codec: H-264 / MP4
audio codec: MP3
video bitrate: ca. 1.300 kBit/s
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producer: Kalango
Publisher: Kalango
available as: download
content: Forró & northeastern rhythms, Maracatú, modern
for instruments: pandeiro

Pandeiro lessons with Marcos Suzano: Baião, Frevo, Maracatu, electric pandeiro - Download course

The rhythmic journey inevitably leads to the enchanting northeast of Brazil, where the variety of musical styles is so great that you can fill books with them. Marcos Suzano has summarized some of the most important music styles in this section of the course and shows exercises, rhythms, small variations by intonation or combination with other rhythms in different tempos as well as on hide head as on nylon head pandeiros. This course is suitable for you if you have mastered the basics and want to learn more about Brazilian beats in general. The course digs rhythmically deeper and combines different styles. The northeast of Brazil is known for its musical abundance, which is often very danceable; you will recognize these rhythms in many musical styles around you. They will add important elements to your repertoire, provide the basis for improvisation and general information about the (traditional) music of Brazil in this region.

Baiaozinho 03:57
Baiao 05:47
Coco 05:07
Maracatu 06:13
Ciranda 02:46
Congo 06:28
Frevo 03:17
Closing words 01:27
Extra: electric Pandeiro 16:19

This workshop part is also available in the complete download course with Marcos Suzano in our shop!

With his work, Marcos has created a worldwide renaissance for pandeiro players. With unbelievable creativity and in his particular way he has brought together traditional and modern playing techniques and created his own, new way of playing. Marcos has thus helped the pandeiro to new popularity and - not only in Brazil - triggered a real pandeiro boom. If you have seen him in one of his concerts or workshops, you may have witnessed how he captivates people with his music. With virtuose technique, high musicality and enormous creativity he casts a spell over his environment.
For the production of this workshop we travelled to Rio to meet the unique musician and pandeirista Marcos Suzano.

This course is a section of our DVD with Marcos Suzano from 2002, which is now available for download.
Course language: Portuguese
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