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Head 10'' nylon - Contemporânea

Fell 10'' Nylon Contemporânea A348110

Head 10'' nylon - Contemporânea

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Single-layered 10 “ nylon head by Contemporânea for repiniques, caixas and pandeiros... more

Head 10'' nylon - Contemporânea

item number: A348110
head by instrument: Caixa, Repinique
size: 10''
Type: nylon single-ply
weight (net): 0,08 kg

Single-layered 10 “ nylon head by Contemporânea for repiniques, caixas and pandeiros

Single-layered nylon heads are the thinner standard version by Contemporânea and are very responsive with a clear, light sound and intentionally rich in overtones due to their vibrating stronger than thicker heads. This head is a good standard option for 10'' repiniques and caixas, or for Pagode style pandeiros. You will notice that between putting a new head on and playing on it for a while the sound will change positively. A new head might sound a bit whiny in the beginning, but as soon as it gets used to the tension and the rim of the shell, the sound will settle. As usual - good things are worth waiting for. A thin nylon head is suitable for you if you like the clear and light sound and if you want a head with an easy response.

For repiniques, you can use this head as superior head to play on as well as a resonance head.

Note about spare parts:

We recommend that you always purchase spare parts of the same brand as your instrument to ensure fit and function. We cannot assume any warranty for different-brand combinations. If you are looking for a spare part that you cannot find on our site, please contact us!

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28 Mar 2019

I am pleased with previous use, excellent quality and sound

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