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Head 10'' goat skin - aluminium rim - Izzo

Naturfell 10" Aluring Izzo A328710

Head 10'' goat skin - aluminium rim - Izzo

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Hide head 10'' - aluminium rim Information about mounting hide heads: Natural heads tend to... more

Head 10'' goat skin - aluminium rim - Izzo

item number: A328710
head by instrument: Pandeiro
size: 10"
Type: hide head - alu rim
weight (net): 0,4 kg
MPN: 6647EX
gtin13: 7899574302305

Hide head 10'' - aluminium rim

Information about mounting hide heads:
Natural heads tend to twist when they are unmounted since the manufacturers moisten the skins before pulling them over the wooden or aluminium rim. So when they dry again, the head twists. When leaving the high humidity in Brazil and arriving to the dry European climate (low humidity and room heating), the heads tend to twist even more. Please notice that this is no damage or irregularity! Before mounting the head please moisten (not soak!) it carefully with a kitchen sponge etc, pull it over the drum shell and then let it dry slowly in the air! Don't force dry a hide hed with a heater, hairdryer or in the sun as it will make the head brittle and prone to tear!

Information for hide heads on aluminium rims:
Natural heads tend to twist when unmounted, especially with when temperature and humidity changes. This can happen as well with heads on wood rims as with skins in aluminium rims. The aluminium hoops are grouted in a way that leaves a small open joint gap. This is not a defect nor a broken seam, but a tiny tolerance which is there on purpose so that the head can expand or tighten without damaging the hoop or the head when air moisture changes. If you have received a twisted head with an open gap on the aluminium rim, then that is quite normal and with only a few steps the head will easily fit on your instrument shell: Slightly moisten the head, wait a couple of minutes, then fit it on the shell and put your instrument back together loosely. Only put tension on the head once it has dried completely and in a natural way; this will usually take overnight. As soon as there is tension on the head, wrinkles and the twist will disappear and the head will easily adjust to the shape of the instrument shell. If you have any questions about mounting a head, please contact us.

Purchasing replacement heads:
If you are buying a replacement head for your instrument, we advise that you get a head from the same brand as your instrument as they should fit without any trouble. If you buy a head from a different brand, you might find that the fit slightly differs or even doesn't go on the shell well or at all. Please understand that we cannot offer warranty in this case.

Note about spare parts:

We recommend that you always purchase spare parts of the same brand as your instrument to ensure fit and function. We cannot assume any warranty for different-brand combinations. If you are looking for a spare part that you cannot find on our site, please contact us!

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