Marcos Suzano - Samba, Choro, Partido Alto deutsche Untertitel - KALANGO

Marcos Suzano - Samba, Choro, Partido Alto KALANGO A5272DE

Marcos Suzano - Samba, Choro, Partido Alto deutsche Untertitel - KALANGO

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Pandeiro lessons with Marcos Suzano: Jongo, Samba, Choro, Partido Alto, electric Pandeiro -... mais

Marcos Suzano - Samba, Choro, Partido Alto deutsche Untertitel - KALANGO

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Inhalte: Choro, Diverse Styles, Modern, Samba
für Instrumente: Pandeiro

Pandeiro lessons with Marcos Suzano: Jongo, Samba, Choro, Partido Alto, electric Pandeiro - Download course

If you have already mastered a few basics on the pandeiro, you are now ready for the first rhythms, which we are sure will quickly inspire you! With a cross-section of Brazilian classics such as Samba, Choro and Partido Alto, you'll have the key to every Samba de Mesa combo. With the Jongo, a simple but complexly expandable 6/8 rhythm, Marcos Suzano gives an introduction to odd time signatures on the pandeiro. What is the difference between Samba and Choro? Which accents are important for Samba and is there more than one Samba rhythm? Marcos reveals the myth of the infamous Brazilian swing and explains in different tempos how to get the right swing by simple syncopation.
This course is particularly suitable for beginners who have already mastered some basic techniques and want to learn some basic but important and useful Brazilian rhythms. But also pandeiristas with experience who want to switch to the Marcos Suzano technique will get their money's worth. At the beginning it's 'back to the basics', but you will leave this course with a well-founded basic technique and a few enlightenments concerning swing and left hand movement.

Jongo 01:35
Samba e Choro 08:57
Partido Alto 02:40
Closing words 01:27
Extra: electric Pandeiro 16:19

This workshop part is also available in the complete download course with Marcos Suzano in our shop!

With his work, Marcos has created a worldwide renaissance for pandeiro players. With unbelievable creativity and in his particular way he has brought together traditional and modern playing techniques and created his own, new way of playing. Marcos has thus helped the pandeiro to new popularity and - not only in Brazil - triggered a real pandeiro boom. If you have seen him in one of his concerts or workshops, you may have witnessed how he captivates people with his music. With virtuose technique, high musicality and enormous creativity he casts a spell over his environment.
For the production of this workshop we travelled to Rio to meet the unique musician and pandeirista Marcos Suzano.

This course is a section of our DVD with Marcos Suzano from 2002, which is now available for download.
Course language: Portuguese
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