Marcos Suzano - ritmos del Candomble deutsche Untertitel - KALANGO

Marcos Suzano - Rhythmen des Candomble KALANGO A5274DE

Marcos Suzano - ritmos del Candomble deutsche Untertitel - KALANGO

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Pandeiro Lessons with Marcos Suzano: Candomble and related rhythms; Extra: electric Pandeiro -... mais

Marcos Suzano - ritmos del Candomble deutsche Untertitel - KALANGO

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Inhalte: Afoxé / Ijexá, Candomblé, Modern
für Instrumente: Pandeiro

Pandeiro Lessons with Marcos Suzano: Candomble and related rhythms; Extra: electric Pandeiro - Download course

In Candomblé, the ritual rhythms of Brazil are played. They are often complex, have African roots and religious backgrounds. Musically beautiful, colourful and something completely different from what one imagines by Brazilian music. Rhythms usually played on atabaques, the ritual standing drums, are transferred to the pandeiro. Start with the popular Ijexá with its unique and recognisable beats, a traditional rhythm from the Yorubá culture which can be heard on the streets of Salvador and is often picked up by modern bands. In this part of the course you will learn about the roots of Brazilian ritual music, the origin of some rhythms, train your feeling for 6/8, learn an advanced rhythm for the Orixá Oxossi and lift your left hand and playing mobility to another level. Not only a pandeiro course, this lesson also contains some educational information about Brazilian music culture.

Ilu 03:20
Ijexa 03:28
Aguere 03:42
Ibi 03:14
Aluja 02:39
Closing words 01:27
Extra: electric Pandeiro 16:19

This workshop part is also available in the complete download course with Marcos Suzano in our shop!

With his work, Marcos has created a worldwide renaissance for pandeiro players. With unbelievable creativity and in his particular way he has brought together traditional and modern playing techniques and created his own, new way of playing. Marcos has thus helped the pandeiro to new popularity and - not only in Brazil - triggered a real pandeiro boom. If you have seen him in one of his concerts or workshops, you may have witnessed how he captivates people with his music. With virtuose technique, high musicality and enormous creativity he casts a spell over his environment.
For the production of this workshop we travelled to Rio to meet the unique musician and pandeirista Marcos Suzano.

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