Pandeiro with paper skin - vegan!

Handmade pandeiro made from 100% recycled materials - with paper head - vegan!

A vegan pandeiro completely made of recycled materials in hand-made quality? Yup, you read that right! The frame is made of upcycled wood that was already destined for being discarded. The jingles are made of old metal components like beer caps and old can bases, the hardware of refurbished scrap metal parts. And the main feature: a head entirely made of recycled paper. The sound is really good, has nice, full mids, a pleasant attack and responds easily. The pandeiro is also in our absolute lightweight category. The jingles are particularly interesting: they have something delicate and rustic at the same time about them, and in their own way go with all Brazilian styles. With a good amount of street character, the pandeiro fulfils the somewhat rawer sound requirement sought for in Capoeira, for example, but at the same time the interleaves made from cans of dry milk add an unexpected lightness that will allow the pandeiro to sound-sparkle at any Choro session. All materials are, of course, thoroughly cleaned and tested before going into production. Like any other handmade pandeiro, the vegan paper pandeiro brings its own distinct sound personality, depending on the availability of the materials. Manufacturer Vagner Oliveira is one of our long-time suppliers of exquisite handmade pandeiros with high-quality sound characteristics. In his demo video you can hear the lower pitches as well as the ease with which the pandeiro accepts and reproduces beautiful tones very well.

  • frame made of upcycled wood
  • hardware made from upcycled scrap metal
  • jingles and interleaves made of recycled scrap metal components
  • head made from recycled paper
  • bassy sounds
  • vegan friendly

Special instructions:
Please tune this pandeiro with particular care, the paper skin is not overly sensitive but of course not completely tear-proof. Please tune slowly in several intermittent steps and not too high.
Avoid contact with water and moisture. Please store and transport carefully in a pandeiro bag.

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