Choro Camp New England 2023

Choro Camp Newengland 2023

Join us for Choro Camp New England’s 3rd edition: June 26 – July 2, 2023! If you have fallen in love with the Brazilian musical tradition Choro (or Chorinho) - you have good taste! A unique option for all Choro instrument sections and levels to get together for some seriously good music!

The musical genre of Choro, also known as Chorinho, began to form in the mid-19th century (with its roots lying even earlier) in Rio de Janeiro, where the music of the Portuguese court (ballroom dances such as the Polca, Waltz and Schottisch) met the music of Afro-Brazilians. Choro has developed to become its very own genre in the past 150 years, finding much appreciation amongst Brazil-percussion aficionados, but also within classically oriented musicians. Choro is packed with colourful rhythms typical in Samba, beautiful harmonies usually played in small ensembles, and in modern music also in larger constellations. You will see string instruments and even winds playing Choro. The sanfona, pandeiro, 7-corda, bandolim. Even big bands and piano arrangements have been published. A strong virtuous solo character is typical for Choro music. A Roda de Choro is one of the most beautiful types of live-music you might ever see. Learn more about the history of Choro here.

The Choro Camp takes place for the 3rd time now in New England, US, and invites all aficionados of Chorinho to join them for an unforgettable weekend. 

Instrumental Groups
While some classes at Choro Camp will be designed for mixed instrumentation, others will be devoted to instrumental groups:

  • wind instruments
  • mandolin / bandolim
  • accordion and keyboards
  • guitar (6 and 7 string)
  • cavaquinho
  • pandeiro and other percussion

Melodic instrument groups will study:

  • the learning and idiomatic interpretation of melodies;
  • harmony – how to understand it and why that understanding matters;
  • the role of melodic improvisation in choro, and approaches to it;
  • and melodic counterpoint, both improvised and prepared.

Day Schedules include:

  • Meet by Instrumental Groups
  • Rodas de Choro
  • More Rodas and Special Topics

Please find more information about the schedule here.

If you are interested, please get in touch with the organisers to book your space. This is an exceptional opportunity to spend an intensive couple of days with interesting people and share the passion of Choro music and other Brazilian musical genres.


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