Pandeiro Guide - Basic & Advanced Techniques - HP Percussion

Pandeiro Guide - Basic & Advanced Techniques HP Percussion A674100

Pandeiro Guide - Basic & Advanced Techniques - HP Percussion

HP Percussion
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Pandeiro Guide: Basic & Advanced Techniques Course language: English Not only for... mais

Pandeiro Guide - Basic & Advanced Techniques - HP Percussion

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Pandeiro Guide: Basic & Advanced Techniques

Course language: English

Not only for beginners!
Matthias Haffner has put together a must-have lesson for anyone playing the pandeiro, for those starting off but also for people who already bring along a solid base of pandeiro skills but want to polish up their technical abilities and playing technique. This course does not contain any specific styles or rhythms but rather a compilation of moves and knowledge you need to train before moving on to serious pandeiro stuff.

Let's get you going on the pandeiro!
How to start, which one to buy, how to hold it, what sounds can I produce, how do I best practise, and, and, and. There are many questions when you start playing the pandeiro, so here is a great compact course to get you up and going.
You are no beginner any more? This course will help you get your basics straight and build up a solid foundation for more advanced pandeiro grooves.

The course contains:

- Which Pandeiro to choose
- Holding the instrument
- The Jingle Sound
- The Open Tone
- The Slap
- The Soft Slap
- The Muffled Sound
- Exercises

Playing time: 32min02sec

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The founders Two guys living in Berlin and Lisbon discover their love for percussion... mais

Fabricante "HP Percussion"


The founders

Two guys living in Berlin and Lisbon discover their love for percussion and pandeiros. Both are professional musicians. Both are gifted craftsmen.

Anders Perander is a luthier and also builds cavaquinhos. Matthias Haffner studied Latin American percussion and World Music at the Rotterdam World Music academy, his craft work is highly skilled and mainly self-taught.
In every way ideal preconditions!

Delevoping their own series of top-class pandeiros seemed like an experiment in the beginning. When they met in Rotterdam and realised that they shared the great passion for the little frame instrument, they decided to start a project. From a very successful first experiment of making jingles for pandeiros, soon the idea was born to set up a small business and make first class jingles for all sorts of sound styles. Of course, it didn’t take long for the idea to come up about not only making jingles but the complete instrument.
It became reality.

They faced a lot of difficulties but also a lot of fun, while working and developing their first pandeiro series. The outcome of their creative path is simply amazing. They believe in learning the hard way, by committing all necessary mistakes in order to come out with a more profound understanding of what they were doing and why.
Only the highest quality fits in their concept.


About the products

HP pandeiros are high end pandeiros, all are handmade in Germany and Portugal.
Each one is a unique piece with hand-selected materials.
The jingles are hand-hammered, the carefully chosen skins are from Brazil, the wood frames of excepcional quality.
Their concept of exchangable jingles is unique: HP offers various lines of jingles in different sizes and made of beautiful, well sounding and hand-hammered metal combinations. The pins holding the jingles can easily be taken out with an allen wrench, without having to take off the skin!
Pick the style you like, and if you don’t want to decide, take an additional set of jingles.