Vinilo personalizado impreso - KALANGO

Vinilo personalizado impreso - KALANGO

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Samba / band logo prints on polyester vinyl sheets - easy to mount logo laminate for drum heads... mais

Vinilo personalizado impreso - KALANGO

Artikelnummer: CUF0016
Fellgröße: 12", 14", 16", 20", 22", 24"
Felltyp: Nylon einlagig, Custom Fell
Gewicht (netto): 0,1 kg
número fabricante: 73SLEX

Samba / band logo prints on polyester vinyl sheets - easy to mount logo laminate for drum heads

Having your band logo on your drum heads has become a standard outfit for samba groups. We make sure you get your logo prints in top quality and brilliant, photo-realistic colours. Thanks to the latest printing technology, the colour of all our prints is abrasion-resistant and stays where it belongs - on the drumhead. The foil is thin but durable.

Logo laminate prints are an easy and affordable way to get your band logo on surdo heads. The logo foil is printed true to colour via transfer print and can then simply be placed over the drumhead. The foil is only 0,125mm thin, so it fits easily over the drumhead and under the hardware. The colour is abrasion resistant! We print your design with high-tec transfer printers in photo-realistical quality on a suitable and tested vinyl. Now, finally, the Rio sambistas among you can also have their logo on hide heads, without any sticker residues or colour abrasion from screen printing. Our foil is not self-adhesive but is simply placed over the upper nylon head or natural skin. We will prepare your vinyl with a marked line that indicates the border of the vinyl and the trim line. The foils are best suited for all single layer drum heads.

How it works

  • We send you the uncut foil prints in the sizes you order.
  • The trim line is marked, simply cut out along the dotted line with normal scissors (the marking is always outside the print area), please also see our instruction video.
  • Unscrew the nuts and remove the rim from the batter head, put the foil over the drumhead and mount the hardware back on again. The rim will hold the foil, so it doesn't slip.
  • Tighten up the nuts and tune your surdo like you usually do - done!

For which instruments are custom vinyl prints suitable for?

  • You can use the vinyls on basically any instrument from 6" to 24". However, due to their sound features, the foils are particularly suitable for surdos, as the vinyl muffles the sound slightly, taking out unwanted overtones and producing warm, strong bass lines, similar to double-ply heads.
  • Very suitable for surdos with normal single-layer nylon heads.
  • Very well suited for surdos with natural skins (hide heads).
  • Moderately suitable for korino, inverted korino heads and all types of double-ply heads (hydraulic etc.), as these heads are already double-ply. Adding a third layer might muffle the head too strong.
  • Moderately suitable for coated heads such as supernylon or Dupont Nomex. The sound will appear very muffled as the head cannot vibrate sufficiently. If this is the sound feature you're looking for, go for it anyways :)
  • Great option for full-surface printing on drum heads from size 6"-20".
  • Can also be used for smaller 6"-12" diameter instruments. The sound will be slightly muffled and drier. If you prefer thinner heads soundwise, get your logo printed on our regular custom heads instead.

Logo prints on vinyl sheets - especially suitable for surdos

  • printable surdo sizes: 14"-24"
  • Full-surface print till 20", i.e. printable all the way to the outer trim. Make sure that your main motifs stay in the inner area of the rim so that they are not covered by the tension ring when you mount the hardware on the vinyl.
  • 22" and 24" sizes have a limited print area, please see our data sheet for details.

You design - we print!

  • photo-realistic prints
  • no ink abrasion
  • full-surface prints possible till 20"
  • especially suitable for all single layer, uncoated drum heads
  • also suitable for natural skins / hide heads
  • easy and quick to mount
  • the optical kick for your bateria - authentic look like in Rio
  • All our custom samba print products are special custom-made items. We use the latest printing techniques with state-of-the-art technical equipment. The printing ink is sublimated into the surface of the skin and is therefore absolutely abrasion-resistant. For the printing we use high quality, transparent vinyl with a thickness of 0,125.
  • Being flat, the foil can be printed right to the edge.

Quick and easy online ordering

How to order:
- Please be sure to check our data sheet (scroll down to the data sheet PDF download) so that we can ensure the best possible print results.
- Create one graphical file per head size
- Select your vinyls in the correct size and quantity and add to your shopping cart
- Please make sure that your file corresponds to the specifications on the data sheet, otherwise we might not be able to process it.
- Complete your order and email us your files to For larger files we recommend

We recommend that you order a sample in one size first before placing a larger order. This way you can check the print result before ordering bigger quantities in different sizes.
Custom samba vinyls are made to order. Cancellation or exchange is excluded. Production will only start after payment has been received in full.

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