Polyrhythms on pandeiro - Túlio Araújo

Polyrhythms on pandeiro Túlio Araújo A810100
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Polyrhythms on pandeiro - Túlio Araújo

Túlio Araújo
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Polyrhythms on pandeiro - by Tulio Araujo Video Tutorial Download (sound & rhythm samples)... mais

Polyrhythms on pandeiro - Túlio Araújo

Artikelnummer: A810100
Dauer: 13:48 min
Dateigröße: 358 MB
Bildbreite: 1280px
Bildhöhe: 720px
Video Format: MP4
Download - Dateiformat: ZIP
Video-Codec: H264
Audio-Codec: MP3
Einzelbildrate: 25 fps/s
Kanäle: 2 (Stereo)
Abtastrate: 44 kHz
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Produzent: Túlio Araújo
verfügbar als: Ebook & Download
Inhalte: Modern, Polyrhythmik, Unabhängigkeit
für Instrumente: Pandeiro

Polyrhythms on pandeiro - by Tulio Araujo

Video Tutorial Download (sound & rhythm samples)
Accompanying PDF (English or Portuguese) with notation, explanations and exercises.

A unique work in the world of pandeiro music for all those who want to go deeper into pandeiro techniques, expand their repertoire and achieve a better understanding of music in general. The exercises require a basic understanding of music, but you don't need to be a professional to play and learn the exercises. Tulio shows each exercise individually in his video tutorials with a click for better orientation and plays all samples slowly and clear. While at the beginning simple exercises form the basis for understanding, towards the end of the course the level changes significantly. Highly recommended for pandeiristas, drummers and percussionists who want to consolidate in solo playing or understand rhythms intellectually. By definition, polyrhythms are mathematical tone constructs with overlays of several different rhythms in a polyphonic piece, in which each voice can also have its own beat or even its own meter (polymetry).

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