onlinepandeiro UNIT III - Samba - Sergio Krakowski

onlinepandeiro UNIT III - Samba Sergio Krakowski A810230

onlinepandeiro UNIT III - Samba - Sergio Krakowski

Sergio Krakowski
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Samba - Sergio Krakowski online Pandeiro Kurs zum streamen (kein Download) - Teil III... mais

onlinepandeiro UNIT III - Samba - Sergio Krakowski

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Samba - Sergio Krakowski online Pandeiro Kurs zum streamen (kein Download) - Teil III
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UNIT III - Samba
Samba, Choro and Bossa Nova are the backbone of Brazilian cultural identity. In this UNIT you'll have access to an in-depth study on how to play with that Brazilian swing that is proper to those rhythms. This UNIT is also useful for drummers who want to be authentic when playing Brazilian grooves.

Lesson 1 (12 min): Click here to watch for FREE! You'll learn how to play the Partido Alto, one of the most important grooves of Brasil.

Lesson 2 (11 min): One of the biggest challenges of Brazilian music internalize its swing, which is different from the Jazz swing. In this lesson we'll analyze the placement of each subdivision and show a comprehensive method to achieve the "Brazilian sauce".

Lesson 3 (10 min): This lesson will address the same question of the previous one but will focus on the accents of each subdivision. We eventually put together both approaches to reach our goal.

Lesson 4 (24 min): This is the most extensive lesson of the whole course and will present and in-depth analysis of the most important structures of Samba such as the Telecoteco pattern. Eventually we wrap up by connecting all of this analysis in the Partido Alto groove.

Click here to see the teaser clip.

Der Kurs ist kein Downloadkurs, sondern ein Kurs zum streamen über Sergio Krakowskis Onlineportal. Nach dem Kauf mailen wir Dir Deine Zugangsdaten für das onlinepandeiro Portal innerhalb 2 Werktagen zu. Du musst Dich auf seinem Portal registrieren und Deinen Code, den Du beim Kauf erhältst, angeben. Dann ist Dein Streaming Account freigeschalten und Du hast jederzeit und unbegrenzt Zugang zu Deinem Kurs. Falls Du Fragen hast, kontaktiere uns bitte.

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Sergio's connection to the pandeiro started quite early when he was only 13 years old. He... mais

Fabricante "Sergio Krakowski"


Sergio's connection to the pandeiro started quite early when he was only 13 years old. He learnt a very simple version of the Samba groove with his brother. After listening to the music of two pandeiro players, Jorginho do Pandeiro and Marcos Suzano, they became his main reference. Listening to Suzano and getting in touch with a few students of his was the first step towards his becoming a pandeiro player himself.

He developed his own techniques which are based on Suzano's and Jorginho's work but have a few elements that are different. More than the importance of these details, he believes the most valuable part of his work is the philosophy behind the technique. The idea that we can create balance by generating a physical binary flow with our left hand and freely choose which note to play with our right hand. The reason, freedom matters so much to him is because his focus in improvising on the pandeiro.


Sergio's whole musical career developed around this idea of freedom and improvisation. His compositions, performances and productions are built around this central spot. The pandeiro can allow the same level of expressiveness as a drum kit or any other musical instrument. He has taught pandeiro playing since the age of 19 and developed a curriculum that allows any student to learn from scratch how to do the most advanced things using the pandeiro.