Pandeiro 10'' Brasil - Gope

Pandeiro 10'' Brasil - Gope

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Pandeiro 10'' Brasil
Marcos Suzano - Pandeiro Brasileiro
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Pandeiro 10'' Brasil
- Gope -   €110.00 *
Marcos Suzano - Pandeiro Brasileiro
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Pandeiro bag 10"
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Glam up your Samba Pagode with a bit of glitter - 10" pandeiro with holographic head for crispy... more

Pandeiro 10'' Brasil - Gope

item number: A371109
head: nylon, holographic
lugs: 7
diameter: 10''
jingles: brass, zinc sheet
amount jingles: 6 sets
frame: Formica
height of frame: 40 mm
rim: round material
weight: 0,68 kg

Glam up your Samba Pagode with a bit of glitter - 10" pandeiro with holographic head for crispy slaps

Crispy sound and sharp slaps, dry opens and good jingle tone brings the beats to your music! The 6 sets of jingles have quite the stylish combination of brass and zinc sheet for modern tunes, axé music, Pagode etc. - once again a perfect example for the little alrounder instrument - it fits for basically all groovy styles from Samba to Funk and Embolada!
Pandeiros with nylon heads are generally heavier than pandeiros with hide heads. That is because they are tuned up higher and the frame has to cope with more pressure. So the frame is made of stronger material, this modell has single tension hook setting. Hologram heads are also multi-layered, so the sound is nice and funky!

Did you know?: the tiny pinhole in the skin is on purpose! Hologram heads are multi-layered heads. So that no air gets stuck inbetween them, a tiny pinhole is stuck through during the production process. You probably won´t even notice and certainly there's no way you will hear it, so no worries! It's normal!

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GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is... more

Brand description "Gope"


GOPE is a family-run business from the area around São Paulo. Today the company is being run in its third generation by the grand daughter of the firm´s founder.

The brand GOPE has been producing drums and smallpercussion instruments for over 50 years now. When the company was founded, there was already a small workshop in which drumsets were manufactured.

In 1962, the production of the typical Samba instruments began, iniciated by Humberto Rodella, the son of the founder. The company kept growing and after several relocations in São Paulo, GOPE finally found the right place for building a large production hall in Embu Guaçu, a suburb of São Paulo.

gope-expoSince then GOPE produces in Embu Guaçu everything from the Agogô to the Zabumba, a wide range of percussion instruments, and only recently also various wind instruments.

GOPE has always kept in close touch with the musicians. The ideas and proposals for modifications that they received from many of those contacts, have always had much influence in the development of new instruments and improvement of production.