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O Berimbau - Bernuncia

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The berimbau: Exercises, rhythms, studies and compositions by Alexandre Damaria... more

O Berimbau - Bernuncia

The berimbau: Exercises, rhythms, studies and compositions by Alexandre Damaria and Luiz Roberto Sampaio - 2011 - 68 pages - 1 DVD - sheet music.

In "The Berimbau - Rhythms and Instrument from Brazil", we, the authors decided to focus on exercises, studies and compositions for this instrument, instead of patterns performed on the Berimbau, considering that other good books have already accurately and fully published the great repertoire of traditional Capoeira music. Thus, we expect to increase the readers knowledge of this instrument, which is  commonly used in Brazilian percussion - not only in rodas de Capoeira.

We have tried to focus on the playing techniques and have created various exercises with the aim to improve the muiscal performance as a whole. As example: back and forth movements of the cabasa, moving it closer to the players body or  farther away, pulling or pushing the stone on the string with more or less pressure, merely just touching the string ( relando ) with the stone, or simply loosening the string ( taking away the tension ), Furthermore major exercises for  the coordination of ones movements and the handling of the caxixi.

No other musical instrument requires so many movements linked to exceptional dexterity, agility and coordination (necessary for both hands in an articulated way ) in order to be able to obtain and enjoy the exceptional sound that the Berimbau offers.

These and other technical issues make our traditional and unusual instrument unique in Brazilian percussion - perhaps even in the world. In this sense, we invite everyone to join us in our wonderful experience of "rediscovering" the Berimbau.

Enjoy your studies! - The Authors

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