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Linha Estudo Silent Pandeiro 10'' - Contemporânea

Linha Estudo Silent Pandeiro 10'' - Contemporânea

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Linha Estudo Silent Pandeiro 10''
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Linha Estudo Silent Pandeiro - silent practice pandeiro Versatile, lightweight practice... more

Linha Estudo Silent Pandeiro 10'' - Contemporânea

item number: A341313
practise gear for: Pandeiro
weight (net): 0,59 kg

Linha Estudo Silent Pandeiro - silent practice pandeiro

Versatile, lightweight practice pandeiro for all those who want to play without having to leave the house to go to the rehearsal space or just want to play a short midnight session with consideration for flatmates, family members and neighbours. With its Linha Estudo, Contemporanea has designed a series of interesting practice instruments that catch the eye with features very similar to those of "real" instruments. The Silent Pandeiro not only feels like a normal pandeiro, but can produce all the essential characteristics of pandeiro playing in terms of feel, weight and jingle response, but without creating any noise. Compared to other instruments, regular pandeiros are rather quiet instrument already, but those who have small children or fussy neighbours, for example, will appreciate being able to practise normally but without having to worry to disturb or wake anybody up. The pandeiro in particularly demanding in terms of being an instrument that needs to be practised a lot and with great regularity in order to master it at a higher level. With its standard 10" size, it fits in any backpack, can be taken along on trips and takes up hardly any storage space at home. The rubberised jingles catch and muffle the sound and a meshhead practice net provides a rebound with character. At just under 500g, the Silent Pandeiro is not a hand-made superlight product, but is still clearly in the lighter section of our pandeiros.

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Customer reviews for "Linha Estudo Silent Pandeiro 10''"

13 Mar 2023
Great for practicing everywhere without disturbing anyone

I bought this to practice pandeiro everywhere without disturbing others and it’s great.
Feels like a pandeiro and behaves like one, obviously you don’t get the same feedback from the mesh as with a real skin but it’s perfect for doing drills to practice patterns rhythms and improve dexterity.
I can take it on holiday and in the car, on a train, anywhere.
I love it!

5 Feb 2023
Sehr leise, aber alles ist

Sehr leise, aber alles ist hörbar, insbesondere auch die Gummi-Platinelas! Ich habe auf ein solches Übungs-Instrument lange gehofft.

30 May 2022
Really good Practice Pandeiro

I bought this for training and it is really silent and with a nice light weight. The jingles are made out of rubber, but does a good job imitating original ones.

22 Apr 2022
I love this!

I got this silent pandeiro to play at home and to use when other people are around and I don't want to get in the way. It is a bit heavier than my artisan pandeiros but it feels and moves like a real instrument. If you play in a room and shut the door, you can't hear a thing outside. The rebound is softer of course with the mesh and it took me a while to get used to it, but point is you can rehearse at any time in silence and kids, neighbours, partner - they won't hear a thing.

21 Apr 2022
I love this practise Pandeiro!

The Silent Pandeiro is very close to the original in terms of feel. There is enough acoustic feedback for practicing technique or grooves. My family and neighbors love it too :)

3 Jan 2022
Sehr gute Idee, aber leider recht schwache Ausführung.

- das Gewicht ist gut. Es gibt noch ein paar leichtere P.s, aber so hohe Ansprüche stelle ich hier nicht.
- der "Rebound" im Spielgefühl ist einigermaßen realistsisch.
- die Verarbeitung scheint so weit okay zu sein (bis auf die Gummischeiben-"Patelas" - s. u.)
- den Preis finde ich gerade noch okay...
- aber dann doch eher für die Idee.
- einige Sound (insbes. "rulo" etc.) kann man auf diesem Speziall-"Fell" nicht üben - was noch zu verkraften wäre.
- ABER: nach meinem Dafürhalten ist das Silent Pandeiro schlicht und einfach allzu "silent", also ZU LEISE geraten.
Ist das Fell schon kaum noch hörbar und verführt daher zu festerem Schlag als nötig (was natürlich musikalisch unsinnig ist), so sind insbesondere die recht primitiven Gummi-"Patelas" praktisch unhörbar und damit ohne Funktion.
Ein wenig mehr Klang bräuchte ich dann doch für die Kontrolle beim Üben...

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