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Head 10'' nylon GP3 - Gope

Fell 10'' Nylon GP3 Gope A378110

Head 10'' nylon GP3 - Gope

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10“ GP3 Fell for repinque / repique de mão / timbal / pandeiro (P3 - 250 Micron: 0,25mm) - GOPE... more

Head 10'' nylon GP3 - Gope

item number: A378110
size: 10"
Type: nylon single-ply
weight (net): 0,1 kg

10“ GP3 Fell for repinque / repique de mão / timbal / pandeiro (P3 - 250 Micron: 0,25mm) - GOPE

GP3 heads are thick, single-layered synthetic heads with a saturated sound, medium bass character and very little overtones. They produce a full, strong and almost matt tone due to their thickness and vibration behaviour - thick heads vibrate less than than thin heads. A special feature of the GP3 heads is the distance between the aluminium rim and and the surface of the head which is larger, compared to other brands, meaning that the head will settle well on your instrument shell straight away.

Resonance head or batter head?
GP3 heads are ideally used as batter heads. For a resonance head, a thinner option will vibrate stronger and in combination with a GP3 batter head produce a nicer sound.

Give it some time:
The life career of a head begins with the moment you put it on your drum for the first time. Each time you tune it, the head will fit itself more comfortably onto the rim of shell being the base for the head. Also in terms of sound, time has an effect on every head. New heads often sound a bit whiny when freshly fitted onto the drum. But after a short break-in time and regular playing, the sound will quickly improve. A new head also will lift the rim higher. Each time you tune your drum, the head will sit itself lower down on the base and the rim can settle.

In short:
New head - high rim, whiny sound.
After a break-in time - low rim, nice sound.


Note about spare parts:

We recommend that you always purchase spare parts of the same brand as your instrument to ensure fit and function. We cannot assume any warranty for different-brand combinations. If you are looking for a spare part that you cannot find on our site, please contact us!

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24 Feb 2020
100% calidad de producto y servicio.

Un producto muy bueno y una calidad de servicio buenísima.

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